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DOV Activities » World Veterinary Day Award
World Veterinary Day in Kurdistan
Tuesday, 05.05.2009, 03:58pm (GMT+3)

For the first time on it is history , on the 28th of April, the Veterinary Syndicate in Kurdistan –Duhok province celebrated the World Veterinary Day, the activity was a picnic to very nice place called (qarqar ava) 10km north of Douhk city, all the Veterinarians who are members in the syndicate and some local authorities representatives and farmers were invited , more than 300 persons attended the activity and participate on the categories of the picnic which include many sub activities (Kurdish folklore dancing , launch , sport activities, speeches , awarding some members, ) , all the Veterinarians were so happy and grateful for conducting this celebration which was a new era for them many of them did not know that there is a day that all world recognize it as world Veterinary day , Dr. loqman Tayeb the head of Duhok Veterinary

Syndicate in his speech assured the attendance that this will be an annually activity and all the Veterinarians should be proud for this celebration that considered as a right step toward the enlightening the community on role ofVeterinarians in keeping there animals and food free from disease factors an protect them from zoonotic disease.




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