Duhok Vet

World Rabies Day In Kurdistan , Iraq
Tuesday, 09.27.2011, 03:49pm (GMT3)

World Rabies Day In Kurdistan Region – Iraq On September 28, 2011 at 10:00am Directorate of Veterinary in Duhok province will celebrate “World Rabies Day “in Iraq. The attendance and participants are: 1. Ministry of agriculture and water resource 2. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine / University of Duhok. 3. G.Directorate of Health in Duhok province. 4. Farmers union 5. Directorate of Environment 6. Zoo Representing 7. Syndicate of Veterinary in Duhok 8. Duhok Institute for general culture 9. Representative Duhok Administration. 10. Gara association for poultry 11. Duhok Municipality office The activities will include:- 1. Documentation video on (Rabies) express to attendance, showing signs of disease in both humans and animals. 2. A seminar on Rabies by Dr. Luqman Tayeb dean of faculty of Veterinary Medicine. 3. A seminar express by Duhok health office Dr.Diyar Tayeb Director Of Veterinary In Duhok Province.