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مینى كونفرانسێ نه‌خوشیێن په‌له‌وه‌را - Mini-conference on poultry disease in Duhok province 2017 ; Duhok Veterinary Directorate Profile 2016 ; Meeting with the Italian army - کومبون دگەل لەشکەری ئیتالی ; مینى كونفرانسێ نه‌خوشیێن په‌له‌وه‌را - Mini-conference on poultry disease in Duhok province 2016 ; روژا جیهانى یا هاریێ ل كوردستانێ - World Rabies Day in Kurdistan 2016
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Salmonella Outbreak Linked To Ducklings Or Chicks, Ohio Investigates
Sunday, 06.12.2011, 03:00am
Eight cases of salmonellosis have triggered an investigation by Ohio state officials who have linked them to ducklings and/or chicks sourced from an Ohio hatchery and bought at various agricultural outlets across the state. Health authorities are advising Ohioans to handle chicks and ducklings with care...
Breed-Specific Causes Of Death In Dogs Revealed By Landmark Study
Wednesday, 04.20.2011, 12:00pm
Dog owners and veterinarians have long relied on a mix of limited data and anecdotal evidence to assess which breeds are at risk of dying from various conditions, but a new University of Georgia study provides a rare and comprehensive look at causes of death in more than 80 breeds...
During Lab Animal Week Animal Defenders International Asks People To Consider The Lack Of Science Behind The Suffering
Monday, 04.18.2011, 01:00pm
To tie in with the launch of Worldwide Laboratory Animal Week (April 17-24, 2011), Animal Defenders International (ADI) wants to remind the US public of the pitfalls of animal experimentation and inform them of the sophisticated alternatives now available, including cutting edge human based alternatives to animal research...
القذافي يقصف ثوار البريقة بالطائرات ونجله يتوعد بضربهم بـ"الجزمة"
Thursday, 03.03.2011, 06:16pm
نفذت طائرات مروحية ومقاتلات تابعة للنظام الليبي عدة غارات الخميس 3-3-2011 على مدينتي إجدابيا والبريقة ومطارها، وذلك بعد ساعات من تمكن المحتجين المعارضين للقذافي من
دراسة: السكري يزيد خطر الموت بالسرطان
Thursday, 03.03.2011, 06:09pm
من المعروف أن المصابين بالسكري هم أكثر عرضة لخطر الوفاة بالنوبات القلبية والسكتات الدماغية، ولكن بحثاً جديداً أظهر أن المرض يزيد أيضا خطر الموت بأنواع عدة من
Chimpanzees Mimic The Laughter Of Their Companions
Wednesday, 03.02.2011, 03:00am
Chimpanzees laugh alongside their playmates even if the situation is not seen as "funny" for them, just like humans do. New research from the University of Portsmouth, published in the journal Emotion, has produced the first evidence that apes do not just 'ape' the expressions of their social partners, but that their responses have a distinct social and emotional meaning...
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